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Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Intelligent PDU for data centers

Siemon's line of intelligent PDUs provide valuable energy consumption data while reliably delivering power to critical IT equipment. Each of our PDU families deliver real-time power information with varying degrees of intelligent functionality ranging from basic Metered units to full-featured Managed PDUs - providing multiple options based on the level of data and control requirements.

Siemon's intelligent PDUs may be used as stand-alone units, or they can communicate with third-party software through common open networking protocols.

All of our network-capable intelligent PDUs also have the capacity to connect environmental sensors, allowing temperature, airflow, and humidity to be measured to further troubleshoot and optimize the data center energy efficiency.

Intelligent PDUs for reducing data center energy costs

Benefits of Intelligent PDU'S

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Manage and optimize power capacity
  • Spot and prevent potential problems to ensure uptime
  • Efficiently control power functions and resolve problems quickly

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Intelligent PDU Downloads

PDU Function Metered Monitored Smart Switched Managed
Built-In Display for Local Use  X X X X X
Remote Monitoring via Ethernet Port  X X X X
PDU-Level Monitoring  X X X X X
Outlet-Level Monitoring  X X
Outlet-Level Switching/Control  X X
Environmental Sensor Ports  X X X X
  • NEMA and IEC plug inputs
  • Single and 3-phase voltages
  • Horizontal and zero-U vertical styles
  • 10 foot (3 meter) cords with other lengths available
  • Test data included with each unit
  • Vertical PDUs mount via tooless button attachments and include a mounting bracket for additional flexibility
  • Horizontal PDUs mount to standard EIA 19" configurations

Siemon Intelligent PDU Software v3.x Introduction
  • Demonstrates functionality of Intelligent PDU software

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